To write an external proposal, follow the form for writing proposals. The four main parts of a proposal Me an executive summary, and the technical. managerial. and financial selections.

Writing the Executive Summary
The executioner ” contains information designed to convince executives that the proposers should receive the contract. In a lengthy external proposal, this summary might be 10 to 15 pages long, summarizing 11 the sections in lay, not technical, terms. Often these summaries read like magazine articles, artfully designed, to sell the proposal. In  external proposals, this section should be a proportional reduction if thc body (see Chapter 6). It should present the contents of the technical, managerial, and financial sections in clear terms. This section is often designed to make  nontechnical people feel comfortable with the proposal.

Writing the Technical Section

A proposal’s technical section begins by stating the problem to be solved. The proposers must. clearly demonstrate that they understand what the customer. The proposal should describe its  to solving the problem  present a preliminary design for the product if one is receded. Sometimes the firm offers alternative methods for solving problem and  invites the proposal writer to select one. For instance, in the compute.network example above, the proposal might explain three different .  that  needs  differently but :still 15  within the $15,000 maximum cost.

Writing. the Management Section
The management section describes the personnel who will work directly on the project. The customer wants to know that the project will receive top priority, and the’ proposal writer must respond by’ explaining what technical-personnel and levels of management will be responsible for the project’s success. In a large external proposal, this section often contains organization charts and resumes. In a short proposal, this section usually explains qualifications of personnel; the firm’s success with other similar projects; and its willingness to service the product, provide technical assistance, and train employees. This section also includes a schedule for, the project sometimes with deadlines for phases of the project.

Waiting the Financial Section
The financial section provides a breakdown of the costs for every item in the proposal. Often this section is not just a table of costs. At times a brief introduction and the table may be all you need, but if you need to explain the source or significance of certain figures, then do so. Beloved is the financial section from a brief external proposal. A complete exurban proposal appears on pp. 314-317

The cost of the total Go Smooth system is $59.00. The breakdown of cost is shown in Table 1. The price of this Go Smooth system is $200.00 less than Fillmore’s Electronic Drive and.$175.00 less than Anderson’s Variable System.

Component Cost Breakdown of Go Smooth Speed Control


The system package can be shipped by April 24, 1988 our representative in Torrance can install it at a minimum charge, or your plant technicians can do It
with assembly instructions.