Your letter of application should be written with care. In this letter, you apply for a job, explain your qualifications, and ask for an interview. You also prove whether or not you can write clearly. Many employers are affected not just by what you say but also by how you say it. To make a good impression, follow these guidelines:

• Type the letter on 8112-by Ll-inch paper.

• Use white, 20-pound, 100 percent cotton-rag paper Use black ink.

• Use one of the letter formats explained in Chapter 18.

• Sign your name in black or blue ink.

• Proofread the letter carefully. Crammar and spelling mistakes are irritating at best and cause for instant rejection at worst.

• Mail the letter, folded twice  in a business envelope.
Parts of the Letter of Application

A letter of application has three parts  the introductory application, the explanatory body, and the request conclusion. Introductory Application The application paragraph should be short and to the point. Inform the reader that you are applying for a specific position. If it was advertised somewhere, mention where you saw the ad. If someone recommended that you write to the company, mention that person’s name (of course, only use the name if it is someone the reader knows personally or has heard of). You do not need to give your name in this section, nor mention your year in school.


I would like to apply for the position of Material Evaluation Technologist, advertised in the Sunday, March 1, Richmond
Tribune. Apply  tell source


Dr. Fred Stewart has informed me that you are seeking applicants for a quality engineer position. I would like to apply for the position. Apply; tell source Body The explanatory body is the heart of the letter. In it you explain, in terms relevant to the reader, why you are qualified for the job. This section should be one to three paragraphs long. Its goal is to make your strengths and skills as pertinent to the reader’s needs as possible. Choose which details to place in this section according to the employer’s needs. If you are responding to an ad, show how you have the skills to meet the requirements listed in it. If the employer mentions “a knowledge of reading electrical schematics,” list details that illustrate your ability to read a schematic. If the employer asks for experience in COBOL programming, point out that you had a course in it and explain what you did t in the course.

If you are not responding to an ad, choose details that show that you have the qualifications normally expected of an entry-level candidate. Your research in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and Occupational Outlook Handbook will help you here. Mention how a project on a part-time job or in a class familiarized you with the basic concerns of the company.


I am majoring in Industrial Technology, concentrating in Degree data Product Development. I will graduate in May 1986 with a B.S. In my courses, I have concentrated heavily on all aspects of design and development from the initial idea to the finished product.

In rfly mechanical design class, I made an in-depth study of shaft design. I have designed shafts with various applied loads and torques, calculating stresses, bending moments, and deflection. I have also had experience with power transmission. In a mechanical power transmission class, I selected components for drive systems. These components inclttled electrical motors, gear reducers, couplings, shafting, clutches, and bearings. I also have a basic understanding of pneumatic and hydraulic systems .. My work experience last summer at the Grist Mill Company has made me familiar fttith the operation of various types of packaging machines. I was a quality control technician, responsible for the proper functioning of these machines.


I have just completed a cooperative/intern program at the Dayton-Hudson DepartmentStore where my overall responsibility entailed managing the Christmas-Trim-the-Home department. My duties included assisting with the setup and organization of the Christmas shop, and interviewing, hiring, training, and scheduling of employees. I have also gained confidin my professionalabilities by conducting department meetings and corresponding with upper management. This May I will graduate from the University of Wisconsin- Stout with a major in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Business Administration. One of my major accomplishments in college was being appointed show director for the Promotions Fashion Show. I was responsible-for overseeing the duties of the students; the skills necessary for this job included leading and motivating fellow students. Specificduties involved selecting appropriate models and merchandise, arranging the location and setup of the show, and publicizing the event

Interview Request In the final section, ask for an plain how you can be reached. The best method is to ask a question “Could with you to discuss-this position Also explain when you are available. If you need two days notice, say so. If you can’t possibly get free’ on a Monday, mention that. Most employers will work around such restrictions if they can. If no one is at the phone at your house or dorm in the mornings, tell the reader to call in the afternoons. A busy employer would rather know that than waste time calling in the monring. Thank your reader for his or her time and consideration. Readers appreciate the gesture; it is courteous and it indicates that you understand that the reader has to make an effort to fulfill your request.


Could I meet with you to discuss the opening? You may contact me durin~~he evening at (715) 555-5555. Thank you for your time, anct;llook forward to meeting you in the near future.


Please consider my qualifications when you fill this position. I am very interested in meeting with you to discuss these matters. Would it be possible to arrange an interview in the near Mwe? If so, please call me at my home after 5:00 P.M. any evening. Thank you for your consideration. I am . looking forward to hearing from you. .

You will find two sample application letters used as models at the end this chapter. The first is long, explaining how the writer’s experience fits the rieeds listed in the ad. The second is short, listing the writer’s qualifications.