1. Assume that you are on the job and that your new supervisor needs detailed knowledge about a mechanism you commonly work with. The mechanism could be a mechanical object, such as a machine or a form, or it could be non mechanical, such as a corporate structure. She will use the description a’s background for a series of meetings she will have with other supervisors. Write a memo of four or five paragraphs. Use the “Skin fold Calipers” memo (pp. 194-195) as a model. Use a visual aid.

2. Assume that you have a new supervisor who needs to understand a process that you use in your job. Describe the process in a memo of four or five paragraphs. Use a visual aid. Use the “Skin fold Calipers” memo (pp. 194-195) as a model for the form.

3. Write an article for a company newsletter, describing a common process . on the job Use a visual aid. Sample topics might include the route of a check through a bank, the billing procedure for accounts receivable, the company grievance procedure the route of a job through a printing plant, or the method for laminating sheets of materials together to from a package. Your article should answer the question “Have you ever wondered how we .

4. Write sevlral paragraphs describing a mechanism in operation; include a visual aict The mechanism might be a machine, or it might be a system, such as the procedure for hiring new personnel. Choose a mechanism you know well choose from this list: a sewing machine constructing a stitch light travelin through a camera lens, to the film the action as a bike shifts gear the steps in releasing the contents of a pressurized can . the retort process how an.air conditioner cools air how a solar furnace heats a room

5. Using the “EVA Hot Melt” report (pp. 196-197) as a model, describe a mechanism in your field.’.