Profanity and Vulgar Expressions

Profanity and Vulgar Expressions Appropriate language does not include profanity or vulgar expressions. There was a time when uttering “hell” or “damn” would have resulted in severe punishment for children and social isolation for adults. Today we tend to tolerate commonplace profanities and vulgarities, and there are many subcultures where the use of profanity and vulgarity are commonplace. Under […]

Dating and Index Information & Inappropriate for the Situation

Dating Information Because nearly everything changes with time, it is important that we date the information we communicate by telling when it was true. Not dating leads to inaccuracies that can be dangerous. For instance, Parker says, I’m going to be transferred, to Henderson City. Laura replies, Good luck-they’ve had some real trouble with their schools. On the basis […]

Meaning Varies across Subgroups in the Language Community

Meaning Varies across Subgroups in the Language Community As we mentioned earlier, within a larger language community, subgroups with unique cultures are sometimes formed. These subgroups develop variations on the core language that enable them to share meanings unique to their sub cultural experience. People from different subcultures approach the world from different perspectives, so they are likely to experience […]

Verbal Communication & Language and Meaning

Verbal Communication & Language and Meaning  Kyle, why do you keep obfuscating the plan? Now just a minute, Derek. There’s no need for you to get obscene with me. I may not have looked at the job the same way you did, but I wouldn’t, uh  I’m not going to lower myself to repeat your language. […]