DEFINITION OF TECHNICAL WRITING Technical writing is difficult to define. Researchers in the field simply have not agreed on a definition. To help Yolk( though, this section proposes an operational definition and then explains technical writing’s purposes and characteristics. An Operational Definition of Technical Writing Technical uniting is the practical writing that people do as part of their […]


PRELIMINARY DEFINITIONS Before’ you begin to practice technical writing, you must understand several basic concepts. These concepts are communication, medium, document,  and generate.  Communication is the act of transmitting an idea from one person to another. Communication always requires at least two people – the sender and the receiver of the message. In this book, the sender is […]


WRITING IN THE WORKPLACE In study after study, researchers have discovered that college graduates report similar trends about the writing they do on the job. The graduates surveyed consistently stress that they spend much time writing and that writing affects job performance and advancement. They also consistently mention as important certain skills and the ability to write certain kinds of […]

Technical Writing

Technical Writing WRITING IN THE WORKPLACE PRELIMINARY DEFINITIONS DEFINITION OF TECHNICAL WRITING In industry and business today, technical writing is an important part of everyone’s career. People write to propose projects, to document their own actions, to help others understand the results of research, to analyze and solve problems, to describe procedures and objects. Done weir technical writing is an exciting, […]