OUTLINING An outline is a map of a document’s main and support points. It is not, however, a prose piece with full sentences. ‘It is a collection of concise phrases, organized in the same sequence as the document. This section explains the uses and types of outlines, and methods for constructing them. Uses of Outlines Writers use outlines in […]


SUMMARIZING This section defines summaries and abstracts, explains the various audiences that use them, and presents the skills you need to.write them. Definitions of Summaries and Abstracts Some confusion exists about the definitions of these two words. Both words indicate a short restatement of another document. In technical writing~ summary is a restatement of the major findings one! conclusion […]

Summarizing and Outlining

Summarizing and Outlining 1. SUMMARIZING 2. OUTLINING In a world awash in information, the ability to construct and present concise, short versions of long documents is not only helpful but essential. The ability to or abstract the terms tire nearly synonymous  is basic to technical writers. You will often summarize your own documents, as this book explains in many chapters. […]