Assertiveness Assertiveness means standing up for ourselves in inter personally effective ways that exercise our personal rights while respecting the rights of others. Failure to be assertive may keep you from achieving your goals and may lower your self esteem. We can understand the specific qualities of assertive communication best if we contrast it with other ways of interacting […]

Describing Feelings

Describing Feelings Describing feelings is naming the emotion you are feeling without judging it. Describing feelings increases’The chances of positive interaction and decreases the chances of sheet circuiting lines of communication. Moreover, describing feelings teaches others how to treat us by explaining the effect of their behavior. The knowledge gives them the info nation they need to determine the […]

Self Disclosure and Feedback

Cultural and Gender Differences As we might expect, levels of self-disclosure and appropriateness of disclosure differ form culture to culture. The United tes is considered to be an informal culture (Samovar, Porter, & Stefani, 1998, p. 82). As a result, Americans tend to  disclose more about themselves than do people from other cultures. Levels of formality can be […]