PLANNING THE PROGRESS REPORT Consider the Audience Most readers are not fully informed about all aspects of the project. They may have walked through the laboratory or visited the construction site, put they probably did not see the whole project or understand everything they did see. To understand the progress made to date and the problems that  are  anticipated, […]


INITIAL PROGRESS REPORTS An initial progress report contains a brief introduction and a body that describes the work. In the introduction, you can help your reader, who might be reading several such reports, by supplying statements on the purpose or the report and the purpose of the project. Writing the Introduction Begin by stating the purpose of the […]


SUBSEQUENT  PROGRESS REPORTS Second and succeeding progress reports maintain continuity and refresh the reader’s memory by adding one new section, a summary of work completed prior to the present reporting period: I. Introduction II. Summary of Work Previously Completed (Dates) III. Work Completed (Dates) IV. Work Scheduled (Dates) The new section contains the same heads for major’ […]

Progress Reports

Progress Reports PLANNING THE PROGRESS REPORT INITIAL PROGRESS REPORTS SUBSEQUENT PROGRESS REPORTS Progress reports inform management about the status of a project. Submitted regularly throughout the life of the project, they let the readers know whether work is progressing satisfactorily, that is, within the project’s budget and time limitations. Firms who win contracts through external proposals must provide […]