Improving Social Perception

Improving Social Perception The following guidelines can aid you in constructing a more realistic impression of others as well as in assessing the validity of your own perceptions. 1. Question the accuracy of your perceptions. Questioning accuracy begins by saying, I know what I think I saw, heard, tasted, smelled, or felt, but I could be wrong. What […]

Perception of Others

Perception of Others When two people meet, they form initial impressions of each other to guide their behavior. As Berger and Brad a (1982) explain, people engage in uncertainty reduction. Uncertainty reduction theory describes the process individuals use to monitor their social environment and to come to know more about themselves and others (Little john, 1999, p. 260). As […]

Self Concept & Self Esteem and Communication

Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, and Communication Just as our self-concept and self esteem affect how accurately we perceive ourselves, so too do they influence our communication by moderating competing internal messages in our self talk and fencing our personal communication style. Self-perceptions moderate competing internal messages When we are faced with a decision, we may be especially conscious of the […]

Developing and Maintaining Self-Esteem

Developing and Maintaining Self-Esteem You’ll recall that self-esteem is our overall evaluation of our competence and personal worthiness-it is our positive or negative evaluation of our self concept. ·Notice that self-esteem is not just feeling good about oneself but having reason to do so. Our evaluation of our personal worthiness is rooted in our values and develops overtime as […]

Perceptions of Self Concept and Self Esteem

Perceptions of Self: Self-Concept and Self-Esteem Self-concept and self esteem are the two self perceptions that have the greatest impact On how we communicate. Self-concept is one’s self identity (Baron & Byre, 2000, p. 160). It is the idea or mental image that you have about your skills, your abilities, your knowledge, your competencies, and your personality. Self esteem is […]

Organization of Stimuli & Interpretation of Stimuli

Organization of Stimuli Even though our attention and selection process limits the stimuli our brain must process, the absolute number of discrete stimuli we attend to at anyone moment is still substantial. Our brains use certain principles to arrange these stimuli to make sense out of them. Two of the most common principles we use are simplicity and pattern. […]

Perception of Self and Others

Perception of Self and Others  Allie, I really blew it. I can’t believe it. What do you mean, Sal? Well, I just forget  everything i mean it was  like I was standing there for five minutes saying nothing? Sal, I saw you pause for a few seconds, really everything fit together well. You really had your speech well […]