Problem Solving and Ineffective Problem Solving

Problem Solving in Groups Research shows that groups follow many different approaches to problem solving. Some groups move linearly through a series of steps to reach consensus and some move in a spiral pattern in which they refine, accept, reject, modify and combine ideas as they go along. Whether groups move in something approximating an orderly pattern or go […]

Group Communication, Cohesiveness and Norms

Participating in Group Communication Members of the Alpha Production Team at Meyer Foods were gathered to review their hiring policies. At the beginning of the meeting, Kareem, the team facilitator, began, “You know why I called you together Each production team has been asked to review its hiring practices. So, let’s get started. “After a few seconds of […]

Characteristics of Effective Work Groups

Characteristics of Effective Work Groups A work group is a collection of three or more people who must interact and influence one another to accomplish a common purpose. A group is more than an aggregation of individuals. Six people riding in an elevator are not a work group. Should the elevator stop and become stuck between floors and the people begin […]