WRITING THE MANUAL The following student sample shows parts of an operator’s manual for software designed to repair payroll. The sections included here the introduction and the operation instructions  are essential ones used in all manuals. The full manual included a title page and a table of contents. This manual uses an open-head system. Introduction An introduction explains how […]


PLANNING THE MANUAL Writing a manual requires careful planning so that you communicate formation clearly and accurately using clear prose, effective page design, and visual aids. To plan effectively, you must consider the audience, analyze procedures and parts, select visual aids, format the pages, arrange the sections, and prepare for the review process. Consider the Audience The audience for […]

Operator’s Manuals

Operator’s Manuals PLANNING THE MANUAL WRITING THE MANUAL Manuals are a common and extremely important type of technical writing. Companies sell not only the mechanisms they manufacture but also the knowledge tc use those products properly. hilt knowledge takes the form of a manual. Both the manufacturer and the buy want a manual that will ensure safe and […]