Temperature, Lighting , and Color

Temperature, Lighting , and Color Three other elements of the environment that can be controlled affect communication and send messages. These are temperature, lighting, and the colors used in the environment. Temperature can stimulate or inhibit effective communication by altering people’s mood and changing their level of attentiveness. Can you recall the difficulty you have had listening to a […]


 Self-Presentation People learn a great deal about us based on how we choose to present ourselves through our choices in clothing and personal grooming, our use of touching, a person  and the way we treat time. Clothing and Personal Grooming Choice of clothing and personal grooming will communicate a message, Determine what message you want to send, […]

Para language

Para language Para language is the no~verbal “sound” of what we hear how something is said. We begin by describing the four vocal characteristics that comprise para language. Then we discuss how vocal interference can disrupt message flow. Vocal Characteristics By controlling the pitch, volume, rate, and quality of our voice the four major vocal characteristics-we can c implement, supplement, […]

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication Marsha Collins steps into Houston’s office  and says, I’m not going to be able to meet with you to talk about the report you wrote because I’m swamped with work. In  a speech to her constituents, Stephanie Morris a candidate for Congress, says, I want you to know I am committed to the needs of the people of this district. […]