TABLES AND GRAPHS Tables and graphs are the most common visual aids. Used extensively in all types of technical.writing, they are easily constructed from many available software programs. This section explains how to construct them and when to use them. Basic Definitions The information in tables and graphs is either an independent or a dependent variable. An independent variable […]


WRITING ABOUT VISUAL AIDS Although visual aids can increase the impact of a report, they can also overwhelm-and confuse a reader. Tables, and even graphs, may contain so much information that readers can interpret them in various ways – and perhaps not in the way you intended. As a report writer, you must learn how to guide your reader […]


CHOOSING VISUAL AIDS Deciding which type of visual aid to use is sometimes difficult. The best way to choose is to decide what your readers need. If your readers need  more scientific or “more objective” data, use tables and line graphs. Tables can classify large amounts of data so that relationships can be easily pointed. out. Pie and […]


CHARTS A chart is the catchall name for many kinds of visual aids. Charts represent the organization of something, either something dynamic like a process, or something static like a corporation. They include such varied types as troubleshooting tables, schematics of electrical systems, diagrams of the sequences oE an operation, organization charts, flow charts, and decision charts. Use the same […]


ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations, usually photographs or drawings, are used extensively in sets of instructions and manuals. To point out the important parts of an illustration, writers use callous, letters or words connected by lines to the relevant part of the illustration. The following general guidelines explain how to make illustrations more effective Use illustrations to avoid lengthy discussions. A […]


VISUAL AIDS Visual aids have always been an essential part of technical writing. With the advent of graphics programs for personal computers, writers have available a number of choices for using visual aids. Computers easily convert data to many kinds of visuals. The bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts (Figures 7.1 to 7.6) shown in […]


FORMATTING To format is to make choices that affect a page’s appearance. The phenomenal growth of word processing and the ready availability of desktop publishing programs and laser printers mean that writers must understand formatting. This section explains three basic formatting areas: How to design a page How to emphasize material How to use heads to indicate contents […]

Formatting and Visual Aids

Formatting and Visual Aids FORMATTING VISUAL AIDS TABLES AND GRAPHS ILLUSTRATIONS CHARTS CHOOSING VISUAL AIDS WRITING ABOUT VISUAL AIDS The personal computer has caused radical changes in the individual writer’s ability to generate documents. The most noticeable change is in the way you can affect the look of a document by formatting the page.and constructing and using visual aids. […]