Conversation and Mediated Communication

Cultural Variations in Effective Conversation Through our this chapter, we have been considering  behavior  improve conversation for people in the United State a low context culture. Just as venous verbal and nonverbal rules vary in low- and high context  cultures, so do they differ in guidelines for conversation. Gudykunst and Masumoto (1996, pp. 30-32) explain differences in conversational patterns between people of […]

Cooperative Principle and Apply to Conversation , Effective Conversation & Conversational Coherence

Effective Conversations Follow the Cooperative Principle Not only are conversations structured by the rules that participants follow, but they also depend on how well conversational partners cooperate. The cooperative principle states that conversations will be satisfying when the contributions made by conversationalists are in line with the purpose of the conversation (Grice, 1975, pp. 44-46). Based on this principle, H. […]