Writing Goal Statements Skill

Writing Goal Statements Skill To get the most from this course, we suggest that you write personal goals to improve specific skills in your own interpersonal, group, and public communication repertoire. Why written goal statements? A familiar saying goes. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Regardless of how serious you are about changing some aspect of your […]

Communication Is Learned About Diversity & Ethical Issue

Communication Is Learned About Diversity & Ethical Issue Because communication appears to be a natural, inborn, unchangeable behavior, we seldom try to improve our skills however inadequate they may be. But communication is learned. Thus, throughout this text we will identify interpersonal, group, and public-speaking skills that will be valuable to you in all walks of life. In the […]

Communication Principles

Communication Principles Now that we have see the elements that comprise the communication process and considered the nature of communication in our lives, we can turn to the principles that guide our communication communication has purpose, communication is continuous, communication messages vary in conscious encoding, communication is relational, communication is culturally bound, communication has ethical implications, and communication is learned. […]

Communication Settings

Communication Settings In this book you will be introduced to skills that you can choose from to help you achieve communication competence in interpersonal settings, problem solving groups, and public-speaking settings. Interpersonal communication settings Most of our communication takes place in interpersonal communication settings that are characterized by informal conversations between two or more people. Talking to a friend […]

Communication Functions

 Communication Functions Communication serves several important functions for us. 1. We communicate to meet needs. Because we are by nature social animals, we need other people just as we need food, water, and shelter. Two people may converse happily for hours gossiping and chatting about inconsequential matters that neither remembers afterward. When they part, they may have exchanged little […]

The Communication Process

The Communication Process Communication is the process of creating or sharing meaning in informal conversation, group interaction, or public speaking. The process includes participants, context, messages, channels, presence or absence of noise, and feedback. Participants The participants are the people who communicate, assuming the roles of senders and receivers during communication. As senders, participants fern messages and attempt to […]

Communication Perspective

Communication Perspective As the selection committee deliberated they felt they had for viable candidates for the position.They all look good on paper  Carson said, but I must admit I was especially impressed with the way Corrie Jackson presented herself to us. Not only did she have a clear vision for where we need to be five years […]