Communication Skills for Resolving Conflicts through Collaboration

Communication Skills for Resolving Conflicts through Collaboration One person usually initiates a conflict, and the other person responds to it. Whether you initiate or respond to conflict, you can practice collaboration by using specific communication skills and verbal strategies. In this section, we will consider how to initiate conflict and how to respond to conflicts initiated by others. Initiating Conflict Appropriately […]

Role of Electronic Communication in Building Relationships

Role of Electronic Communication in Building Relationships New communication technologies are changing the way we build and maintain relationships. Ten years ago people became acquainted mostly with those with whom they had personal- physical contact. At the same time, dating services advertised that they could get people in the same community acquainted with each other within a Welch. Today, people […]

Communicating in Relationships

Communicating in Relationships  Janeen, you’re spending a lot of time with Angie. Whet is Liam going to think about that? “Come on, Mom, I know you’re just teasing me. Yeah, Liam is my boyfriend, and we get along really wen, but there a things I just can’t talk about with him.And you can with Angie? Right. I can […]