How To Fix Startup Problems With The Windows Startup Repair Tool

Just as you have been prompted, driver corruption can also result in NTFS.sys blue screen errors corrupted on your computer. As you can see local disk is a vital part causing additional resources NTFS File System blue screen errors Windows 7 or Windows 8, 10. It is urgent for you to run a disk check to make sure the disk won’t give rise to stop code NTFS_File_System error. Once you found there isn’t much space for hard drive disk, you are supposed to clean up the local disk by deleting some data or using a third-party tool to help you get more space. Possibly, your computer went into NTFS.sys blue screen errors because of the file corruption. In this sense, you would better manage to make use of the tool – System File Checker to detect whether your NTFS file is damaged, thus leading to blue screen errors in Windows 10. Like what said before, items like the disk, file, registry or even shortcut can give rise to NTFS file system error.

  • Have you tried using the Check Disk/ Disk Error Checking tool in your Windows 10 machine?
  • It is important to understand the reason for receiving the Hard Disk SMART Command Failed error when you start your laptop.
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Click on the Start menu search then Disk Cleanup and hit the enter key. Change the drive if your Windows disk is not already selected. Or you can open This PC Right click on windows installed drive and click on properties. This will scan your system for all its important system files, and replace them where necessary. When the System file check and repair is completed, restart your computer and check if your computer works smoothly. If Startup Repair detects any of these types of problems, it will automatically attempt to fix them. If Startup Repair can fix the problem, it will do so without any intervention.

Solution 1: Boot To The Last Known Good Configuration

When the scan is complete, you’ll get a message on whether or not there were any errors on the drive. You can click Show Details, which will take you to the Event Viewer program and load up the Application log. This tool is perfect for non-technical users because it’s really effortless to use. This app will look over your Windows 7 system and a vast range of potential issues that might pop up.

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Don’t rely on that LED as a positive indicator as to whether or not the hard disk is receiving power, though. The light could be burned out, the wire disconnected, or the drive might be receiving power but not be connected correctly to the PC.

Using A Hard Drive Enclosure For Data Salvage

This may last a long time depending on your device. A driver is outdated or not compatible — Similarly to your system, your drivers need updates to be kept up-to-date to function as intended. If a driver is old, it may run into compatibility issues with the rest of your drivers. Unlike most errors in Windows 10, the causes of blue screen errors are more often than not easy to identify.

Now, try to connect it again and check if the system detects the drive. You can consider disassembling the system and check if the internal hard drive has been connected properly or not.